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First Signs of Love No 131. Louise Jordan



Louise Jordan is a singer and musician from the New Forest in Hampshire. She recently released her third studio album ‘Veritas.’ If you are looking for an escape from electro pop, Veritas could well be the perfect antidote.

Veritas is a uniquely English record. Combining acoustic song-writing, folk influences and classical sensibilities it transports you back to a time of fair maidens, frolicking lambs and smugglers, oh yes! The album seamlessly blends fresh arrangements of traditional songs including ‘Bushes and Briars’ (the track which first pricked our interest), alongside original work like ‘Garners Gay’, a song inspired by her research about Hampshire ‘smuggleress’ Lovey Warne. If that wasn’t enough there is an acoustic arrangement of Handel’s aria ‘Where’er You Walk’ and musical interpretations of two poems by AA Milne. Meanwhile stunning piano instrumental ‘Counting The Days’ provides a beautiful moment of mellow reflection.

Veritas was released thanks to support from the English Folk Dance and Song Society’s Aspire Programme and Help Musicians UK’s Emerging Excellence Awards. Gentle stirring and effortlessly captivating Veritas is a reminder that great story telling is always welcomed.

Listen for Bushes and Briars featured on this week’s episode of Lost On Radio (Episode 110).