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Echotape – See You Soon



Every artist attempts to create the perfect pop song.  A song that has universal appeal and is heard everywhere from the bricklayers radio to the sweaty dance clubs, to the cars passing by with windows open and music playing, ‘that song’ that you hear everywhere. Echotape have made a great effort to create such a song.  ‘See You Soon’ has a lot of the elements that could really carry it far and wide.  It has a danceable rhythm that makes you reach for your lighter as the very singable chorus comes in – it has a passionate vocal imploring you not to ‘work like a dog for the rest of your life, because you will die anyway’.  The delayed and harmonic tones of guitar layers carrying sweetly delayed vocals had a little touch of U2 mixed with The Killers and works really well without being cheesy.

It can be very hard to write a song like this, people often have a misconception that Pop music is the easiest music to write, but they are dead wrong.  It can be easy to express yourself and write music that satisfies you, but to write a song that pleases and connects with millions of people is a great challenge for any songwriter.  We really like Echotapes attempt at this and the chorus is still ringing in our ears. Melodies and music are contagious – you can walk past someone who is whistling a tune, and then find yourself singing it as you get home, to then find your girlfriend carries it away on her walk to the shops, passing it on to someone else.  And when a song is going through your head so much, you have to listen to it over and over again. Well done Echotape.

 Winston Freeman

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