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Drey Shares Blissful New Single, ‘Where Do I Go?’

Drey Where Do I Go review on Right Chord Music

Drey, a talented singer-songwriter from Georgia, recently unveiled her latest single, ‘Where Do I Go?’.

Drey – Where Do I Go

This soulful track, which happens to be her first release since 2022, is characterised by its authenticity and confidence, as it lets Drey embrace and cherish her imperfections in a comforting and empowering manner. 

On first listen, ‘Where Do I Go?’ is a truly captivating song that immediately commands attention with its stunning vocal performance. Drey’s voice is rich and commanding, full of raw emotion that grips the listener from the very first note. Its lyrics are equally powerful, telling a poignant story of self-discovery and personal growth. The single’s message is one of embracing our flaws and imperfections and finding the courage to confront them. As the song progresses, listeners are taken on an emotional journey that is both relatable and inspiring. 

‘Where Do I Go?’ holds a memorable melody, which is potentially the most striking aspect of the track. A true testament to Drey’s impressive artistic growth since her 2022 releases, it showcases a new level of sophistication from the songwriter.

A melody that is beautifully crafted and perfectly performed and is sure to be dancing around listener’s heads long after the track’s 3 minutes have run its course.

Marking a triumphant return for Drey, ‘Where Do I Go?’ showcases her bravery, boldness, and sincerity in a way that sets her apart from her peers in the genre. Expertly crafted and well executed, the track is a testimony to Drey’s artistry and musicianship, a single that is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners old and new.

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Words Katie Macbeth