Daggerplay will have you on your feet with ‘Castaway’

Finnish band, Daggerplay gifts fans their funky punk single ‘Castaway’ to mark a decade as a group.

Daggerplay – Castaway

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Helsinki-founded rock group Daggerplay, is upping the tempo with their funky single ‘Castaway’. Since their formation, the band has honed in on their punk and rock-n-roll style with parallels being drawn with the likes of The Clash and The Ramones. However, with their latest release, it’s clear that Daggerplay is not afraid to borrow from other genres to create catchy and rhythmic tracks.

Castaway is fast-paced and kicks off with a killer rhythm from the off-set where you can really sense the passion and enthusiasm the band has for the song. The melodies and lyrics are infectious to successfully deliver on a fun and upbeat track with the clear 70’s punky and ska elements flowing throughout. Yet, Castaway doesn’t feel like a copy and paste of the old-school sound as Daggerplay morphs the track into their own and it thoroughly deserves to be recognised.

Daggerplay’s ‘Castaway’ has strong replay qualities, you simply cannot get enough of their irresistible punky ska sound

Even though ‘Castaway’ sports an upbeat sound, the track’s lyrics tell a more meaningful story in the form of a narrative from an outsider, hence ‘Castaway’.  The balance makes the track a complete joy to listen to. ‘Castaway’ is the perfect choice for someone looking for some new music but also with the old-school punk influences.

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Words Holly Hammond