It would be a substantial understatement to say that Birmingham’s Broken Witt Rebels have had ‘a pretty good few months’. 

Broken Witt Rebels Guns

Broken Witt Rebels released their Georgia Pine EP back in April, with the first single ‘Low’ scoring Radio X’s track of the week, although it was the second single ‘Guns’ that really got the ball rolling.  The song has amassed almost half a million views on YouTube, and was the ninth most shared and play listed track on Spotify UK during July, as well as being added to rotation on Amazing Radio, XS Radio, and Planet Rock. 

Broken Witt Rebels Summer Festivals

Their relentless summer touring included appearances at the Isle of Wight and Latitude Festivals, they opened the main stage at the Y Not Festival, as well as playing Tramlines, Wacken Open Air and Leeds Festival, along with numerous shows around the UK as part of the This Feeling Tour.

Broken Witt Rebels – Georgia Pine

‘The Rebels’, as they are affectionately known, will be releasing the EP’s third single, and title track in the next few weeks.

The name is taken from an old stoner reference, “As high as a Georgia Pine.”  However, the metaphor is far better suited, and appropriate, to the remarkable success that the band have been experiencing since the EP’s release.

‘Georgia Pine’ finds the band displaying their softer side, the verse is quiet, the drums and bass providing backing to singer Danny Core’s signature howling vocals, sporadic guitar lines provide texture and colour.  The anthemic chorus is anchored by the line “Holding on, to the better part of me,” the melodic lead guitar wailing in the background. 

Exploring a greater range of dynamics, the bridge is stripped right back to a muted guitar line and the repeated phrase “You’re always there for me”, a line that is one of the fan’s favourites.  A quick build in to a blistering guitar solo, the song is brought to a heartfelt conclusion with the repeated line “Won’t you stay with me, won’t you stay with me, tonight.”

The Georgia Pine Music Video

The video for ‘Georgia Pine’ was made in conjunction with Seenit, a crowd sourced mobile filming app and tech start-up.  In what is a thank you to the fans, the band invited people to submit their Broken Witt Rebels inspired footage to be included in the clip.  The result is a collage of fan footage, and video of the bands summer on the road.  Live clips, behind the scenes at festivals, radio appearances, interviews, photo shoots, and footage from the band, and fans, featuring four very busy, but very happy, bandmates.  The video for Georgia Pine not only provides a great insight into the whirlwind that the band have been experiencing over the summer, but also the ever increasing number of passionate fans that have been taking the journey with them.

Broken Witt Rebels Live

The Rebels continue on their seemingly perpetual tour of the UK, throughout October and November in support of King King. A full list of  tour dates are available here.  The Georgia Pine EP is available on Spotify, and iTunes. A limited edition vinyl version of the Georgia Pine EP is available now from the bands website.

Nicholas Cheek.