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Artist Of The Week. Jeff Pianki


Jeff Pianki

Intimacy powers the music of singer-songwriter Jeff Pianki. From his lyrical poems, depicting the highs and lows of relationships, to his personal gigs, Pianki is able to create a rapport between himself and his audience. Though young, the Michigan based artist has already released five EP’s. With an extensive musical discography, Pianki proves himself to be a tireless romantic and a very talented musician.

Pianki has mastered autobiographical acoustic folk. In his 2010 EP ‘Demos (2008-2010)’ he explores love and suburban restlessness. With light banjos plucking ‘Hello Bones’ is one of the EP’s most beautiful tracks. Soft vocals and dainty instrumentals give the song a lo-fi quality. Recorded mainly in his bedroom, the entire album has a raw, unpolished finish, something that only accentuates its beauty.

However, it was Pianki’s 2010 release ‘Paper Window,’ that revealed his full talents. The EP’s main focus is personal and international memories. Beautiful folk track ‘New York or Here’ explores the notion of time, with light Hawaiian-style instrumentals alongside stunning lyrics poetry. ‘Paper Window Dreams’ is another song that makes the EP stand out from the rest. The lyrics border on heartbreaking, exploring fading love. The EP is a triumph of acoustic folk. Touching on everything that is dear to human-kind, the result is charming, overtly honest and beautiful songs.

Pianki’s latest release ‘The Weight of Us,’ is an emotionally strong track with a light piano opening that leads into soft acoustic guitar notes. Lullaby lightness and gorgeous harmonies, provided by Kiersten Holine, give the song both agony and beauty.  The track is simple and honest without gimmicks or manufactured sound. ‘The Weight of Us’ is full of sentiment and may be Pianki’s best work yet. Look out for the tune on this week’s Lost On Radio podcast.

Jeff Pianki is a beautiful songwriter. His ability to create lyrics that touch the heart of each listener is a very rare talent. When you come across music this moving, this special, you know the world should be playing it on constant and unrelenting repeat.

Jen Grimble