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Artist Of The Week. Goodman


Goodman is the musical project of singer/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Michael Goodman. His nostalgic take on modern music, will bring you right back to the Golden Age of Rock. His new album ‘What We Want’ is an eclectic and timeless piece that journeys from rock of the 1960’s and 70’s, to pop of the 1980’s, right through to the modern day. The album plays with All-American Californian style rock, then wades into darker territory with Seattle grunge pop, offering the very best of darkness and light, in eleven wonderful tracks.

The albums opener, ‘Night Person’ gives lightness to the album; an air of fun and pop nostalgia hangs around it. Catchy lyrics and pop-rock riffs make it the perfect way to open the album. Themes of loneliness and remorse are frequented in the album, with ‘Waking Hours’ touching on these melancholic notions, whilst remaining a wonderfully deep and romantic song. ‘Without You’ is a wonderful track that continues in this haunting yet beautiful style , offering slower notes, distressed guitars and soft ballad-like lyrics.

The album’s title track is a sing-along classic in the making. Full of upbeat riffs mixed with catchy chorus lines and hooks that have you tapping your foot along. Along with ‘Fever,’ ‘All We Want’ is Kasabian-esque and brings a fresh modernity to Goodman’s sound. ‘Another Man’ and ‘Yawning’ both have sounds of Jake Bugg, with angst riddled vocals that are hypnotic, melancholic and nostalgic. The lyrics of both songs verge on poetic; soft and full of passion, the songs are immediate highlights.

‘What We Want’ is not an album of fixed genre, or one sound, it is a complex and full collection of All-American, decade hopping, pop rock, offering catchy riffs and soulful vocals that touch on aching, longing, and restlessness. It is a truly piece of romanticism.

Goodman will feature on Episode 20 of the Right Chord Music ‘Lost On Radio’ podcast.