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Artist Of The Week. Aaron Espe


Picture a life full of love and heartache that always ends with strength and survival; this is the life that Aaron Espe evokes with his gorgeous acoustic music. The Nashville based singer-songwriter has already establishing himself as a sophisticated musician, having his songs previously used by the likes of Volkswagen and MTV. Espe’s ability to write music that feels personal to each individual is a very special talent, one that makes him stand out from the acoustic crowd.

On 4th October Espe released his new album ‘Tennessee Sky,’ a complex and emotional exploration of faith, love and the family. You can tell Espe is a family man, a man who cherishes his close relationships and who acknowledges openly, the people who mean the most to him.

‘Sleeper Must Awaken’ starts the album with immediate triumph. The songs stunning lyrics and subtle musicality makes you feel like there is no need for further songs. It seduces immediately with its soft lullaby style and the passionate emotion in Espe’s vocals are enough to keep you hooked. With a sound of Stephen Fretwell, the song is perhaps the most listen-able on the album.

‘Gone When You Got Home’ is a song that reflects on past relationships and the pain of loss. The lyrics strike a chord that touches the heart on a poignant level. Many of the songs, like ‘When You Were My Girl’ and ‘Tennessee Sky,’ reminisce on lost love. The romantic and often heartbreaking lyrics, along with the beautiful mellow guitar chords, make the album justifiably addictive. Much like Death Cab For Cutie’s ‘Plans,’ the album is honest, sensitive and touching.

‘Tennessee Sky’ is an album of sentimental lyrics and delicate vocals, which highlight the importance of origin, self-belief and ‘the journey’. Espe’s talent for engaging every listener with every lyric he sings proves him to be the master of the acoustic folk ballad.

Jen Grimble