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Annika Catharina – ‘What If I’

There’s that delicious in-between moment in love when you teeter on the brink of a million possibilities before the love is finally confessed and an answer is revealed. In Annika Catharina’s ‘What If I’, the door is opened to all of those futures, as she bravely asks her crush ‘What if I was your early morning? What if I was your late at night?’. It’s a giddy delight.

Annika Catharina is a Canadian country music artist with a career that’s taken her everywhere from talent competitions to music festivals to Spotify playlists.

This is her first single of 2024, and ‘What If I’ is an infectious pop-country jam with a great spirit and an upbeat feel.

‘I feel like we’ve been stuck here for so long’, sings Catharina in classically direct country style, painting the picture of an early, uncertain relationship, that’s ‘too good to call it a mistake’.. The chorus is instantly memorable and satisfying, as she poses to her love, ‘What if I was the one you’re loving? What if forever’s in your eyes?’. The melodies are impeccably crafted, with Catharina’s clear, powerful vocals carrying the track effortlessly. 

The production is in firm pop-country territory, with a thrumming guitar and banjo, and a soaring mandolin. The beats keep everything driving, with plent of energy, and there’s tight backup harmonies and wistful ‘oohs’ to keep everything going. It’s a highly polished track, suitable for any modern country fans of the likes of Kelsea Ballerini and Carrie Underwood. Keep an eye out for Annika Catharina. 

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Words Eden Tredwell