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Abi Mia Declares Enough Is Enough On New Single

Abi Mia - Enough Is Enough

London based singer songwriter Abi Mia declares ‘Enough Is Enough’ on her new single and it’s a sentiment that everyone can support.

Abi Mia Enough Is Enough

A frustrating feature shared by most power ballads about the troubles that ravage the world is that they usually revel on being warm and comforting, pledging to unite the whole world with love. That is all well and fine, but, come on, in times like these more and more people seem to be waking up to the fact that mere hugging and holding hands is simply not the solution to everything.

Sometimes anger is not only justified, but necessary. That is what sets Enough is enough, the new single by London singer Abi Mia coming out on 8th January, apart. It combines that power ballad style with a somewhat rebellious call to action.

The song is a witty mixture of a radio-friendly R&B beat, which carries it along and makes for pleasant easy-listening, pianos that lend it a slightly melancholic feel and an aggressive guitar riff that joins the sound in the chorus. Combined with Mia’s sweet but powerful belting, that riff successfully creates the atmosphere of indignation that is the soul of the record. “Life right now is pretty strange, let’s not make is worse by turning away”, she says. It may sound a little preachy, but honestly who could say she is wrong?

Simple and upfront, the song expresses a genuine feeling most of us are sure to have experienced lately. It may lack a specific aim, but then again, the moment you wake up and look around there may be so much wrong that it is impossible to focus at first. After the challenges of 2020, this is actually the perfect way to start 2021. After all, nothing but our action can guarantee the new year will be better.

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Words Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio