The RCM Musicians Census 2016

Musicians Census

Back in 2013 we ran The Big Survey in association with Farida. It was our first attempt at understanding the challenges facing independent musicians and unsigned bands.  You can download a copy of the results here.

A lot has happened in the last three years, so we’ve decided to revisit the survey with a few new questions. Please take 5 minutes out of your day to answer our questions. We look forward to sharing the results with you soon.

In return for your help, we’ll be selecting three artists to feature on a special future episode of our Lost On Radio Podcast.

Which of the following best describes your current situation

Do you currently have a manager? (Either full time or part-time)

Which of the following best describes how you record the music you release?

What have you released so far? Choose one statement that most closely matches your situation

During the course of a week, which of the following sites do you use to promote your music?

Which of these would you say you most frequently login to on a weekly basis, specifically to promote your music?

At the end of an average month, how much money do you make from your music (sales, gigs, merchandise, sync, radio plays, YouTube and any other sources)

Which of the following revenue sources currently makes you the most money during a typical month?

Have you ever been paid from a sync deal? (Where your music is placed in a TV show, advert, film or computer game)

If you have received payment from a music sync deal, how much on average have you been paid?

Which of the following best describes how you promote your music?

If you have previously hired a radio plugger, please choose the statement which best describes how your feel about the service they delivered?

Approximately how much did you spend to spend to produce and promote your last single? (Consider studio time, producers, mixing, mastering, CD / vinyl production, artwork, radio plugging, public relations)

How do you currently sell your music? Click all that apply

Which of the following would you say is currently your biggest challenge? Choose up to 5 statements

Where do you go to discover new music. Choose your top three sources from the list below

Which country do you live in?

To be in with a chance of being featured on Right Chord Music and our Lost On Radio Podcast, please send us your name, email address and a SoundCloud link to one of your original tracks.