Episode 230. Lost On Radio Playlist

The Lost On Radio Spotify Playlist champions unsigned bands & independent artists. We showcase incredible new artists that are being overlooked by radio, or pushed to the late night fringes. The Lost On Radio Spotify Playlist is curated by the Right Chord Music editorial team it’s a democracy, if we love it, we playlist it. No

How To Get Your Music On Spotify Playlists (From A Band That Actually Has)

How to get your music on a Spotify playlist is a hot topic. Most people expect there to be a simple, golden bullet solution. Who can I pay? Which pluggers do I use? Who do I email? From experience, the reality is quite different. This article provides a guide to show you the approach we

FREE! The Music Marketing Planning Cycle

This diagram is designed to provide unsigned bands and DIY musicians with a planning checklist to ensure every release is promoted in the most effective way. Take time to plan your release, give your music the best possible opportunity to receive the exposure it deserves. Don’t spend a year writing an album then rush it

Introducing Soundkicker. The ‘Main Stream’ For Independent Music

As we all know, there are tons of amazing independent artists out there that are waiting to be discovered. Now there is a dedicated platform to help you find them. If you love discovering new music as much as we do, head over to Soundkicker. The site was created by Jimmy Sbarra and Brock Gleeson, completely

First Impressions Count. The Importance Of Brand For Your Band

Without doubt, the biggest challenge any new band or artist faces is getting their music heard.  So it’s important you give yourself the very best chance of cutting through. Sadly, just having great music is not enough. Bands frequently spend months writing and recording new material and then rush it out before considering the importance of

#FSOL 4. Monogold – Spirit Or Something

#FSOL 4 (First Signs Of Love) Monogold – Spirit Or Something We can’t get enough of the Monogold track ‘Spirit Or Something,’ for that reason it just had to be our 4th #FSOL featured track. There is a real warmth about this track that is perfectly realised in the accompanying video. Spirit Or Something takes

Best of 2011 Part One: Chosen By The Paper Shades

Between now and Christmas we’ll be asking some of our favourite new bands and artists to share their musical highlights from this year. First up are The Paper Shades, an acoustic folk duo we were lucky enough to stumble across earlier this year. The Paper Shades – Top 5 Picks 1. Lucy Rose: Middle Of The