IamCharlii ‘Some Way Out’ & ‘Boy Like A Girl’ (Free download)

Some Way Out is the debut single from IamCharlii aka Emma Bertilsson from the northern county of Hälsingland, Sweden. Five years ago she had never written a song or even sat by a piano. A road trip through Europe changed all this and once she started on this musical journey there was no turning back. She bravely traded Sweden for London and her full time occupation in the fashion industry for a wholehearted effort to make it with her music.

Based on this debut offering, this was a very smart move. What immediately strikes you about this track is the vocal. In an era of banal auto-tuned souless vocals IamCharlii reminds us what soul should sound like with a vocal that both soars and cracks in all the right places.

This track transports you back to a time when female singers meant passion, honesty and integrity, when vinyl crackled with the sound of Joplin and Smith and struggle meant something.

Want more of IamCharlii? Grab a free download of ‘Boy Like A Girl’ here.