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First Signs Of Love No. 135 Officer – The Waters

First Signs of Love this week is Officer, whose debut 12 track LP Myriads is due for release this year. The Waters is the first taste, due out 2nd of February.

Officer – The Waters

Recorded in London by producer Daniel Peterson, Myriads is set to be one of the exciting releases of 2015, and was already featured on our Right Chord Music’s ‘One’s to watch in 2015’

The Waters is a quick, driving track, relentlessly propelled forward by the slightly distorted drums and TV On The Radio-esque guitar throughout. The intricacies and dynamic shifts of the song are subtle, and only become fully evident after a few listens. The song is melodically centred around the vocals and a consistent piano/harpsichord line. Sitting at around 180bpm, the track is super quick, yet doesn’t seem it, and has almost a lush soundscape in amongst the driving groove.

There is a great little tambourine line that comes in after the 1st chorus, giving the song an extra step of intensity, only to then drop out quickly for a more stripped back 2nd verse. A great little production trick to give the song a subtle but effective dynamic change. Whilst the chorus is catchy, the main hook of the song is in the verses, and it is the line Take me to the water… that stays in your head. It is a great hook and accompanied by some slightly trippy ghost-like backwards vocals throughout.

Already getting some attention from Amazing Radio, the release of The Waters will be sure to generate some more airplay for Officer. We eagerly await the release of the album later in the year.

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Nicholas Cheek