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First Signs Of Love 62. Little Brother Eli. ‘Animal Fair’

Little Brother Eli

Little Brother Eli is the musical project of Oxford based Alex Grew and Joshua Rigal. ‘Animal Fair’ serves as an exciting introduction to the duo ahead of an imminent debut launch EP. It’s a project that has been evolving over the past 6 months. Here at Right Chord Music, we were lucky enough to hear the early demos, so it’s great to now be able to share a sneak preview of a finished track.

First Signs Of Love is about those moments when music truly cuts through and stops you in your tracks. Your heart rate quickens, because in that moment you’ve heard something truly exciting. This is how we feel about ‘Animal Fair’ by Little Brother Eli.

This track is all about the power and intent, it’s hard not to be excited. It starts with standout blues vocals, before fizzing guitars take over and take you on a thrilling ride, with riffs that Jack White would be proud of.

Listening to this track, you get the feeling that every single second has been filled with crafted perfectionism. Just when you think you have this track pegged, the levels drop, and a hushed vocal interlude draws you in close. Then those guitars return, whipping you off your feet as the track rushes to a breathtaking conclusion. Without doubt this is the First Signs Of Love and we can’t wait to hear more.

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