Band Of The Week. Our Lost Infantry


Surrey based quartet Our Lost Infantry have suitably described their new album as a ‘post-rock opera’. The band’s debut ‘The New Art History,’ was designed to be an experience for the listener. Not content with being standard, the band incorporated isolated pieces of music with separate lyrics, to create whole songs that rolled perfectly.  Mixing power chords, dramatic tension and epic vocal gusto, Out Lost Infantry have mastered progressive rock and sing-along pop. Intrigued? You should be!

The album opener ‘Kenning,’ is a track that is hard to ignore. Its punchy guitars and energetic vocals grow with strength as the song processes.  Emotive piano notes flow through the song, giving it a dark beauty. Keep your eyes peeled for the track, which will be featured on this week’s Lost On Radio Podcast.

‘The Tremors’ is a song that starts with such power that it hits you right between the eyes. The lyrics “pounding at the temples as it starts,” open the song, both literally and metaphorically. The song then goes on to hold moments of pure gentility. With delicate keys playing towards the end, it rings with a light splendour that juxtaposes the song entirely. It is an expressive and progressive track that stands out to me as an album highlight. ‘Howl‘ is a song that perfectly demonstrates the bands ‘experience’ notion. It oozes soft lyrics then incorporates heavy guitars and snare drums. An almost dance vibe kicks in towards the end of the song, bringing a fun note to the whole thing. The track gives something extra, something heavy and empowering, yet light-hearted and upbeat. The final song on the album is an acoustic version of ‘Avogadro,’ a song that can found earlier on the album. The acoustic version allows you to really listen to the vocals. The song is beautiful, with emotive lyrics and gorgeous guitars and even the odd sing-along moment; Moments that are sure to have you humming along, whether you want to or not.

‘The New Art History’ is an album that anyone could pick up and find something within it to enjoy. It offers so much in its 10 tracks; life and energy, passion and angst, beauty and light. Our Lost Infantry know how to entertain, and keep you entertained until the last song plays out.

Jen Grimble