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Artist of The Week. Colleen Brown

Colleen Brown

Direction is the new album by Canadian singers/songwriter Colleen Brown. The Edmonton based musician’s latest material explores love, fate and psychic retooling with each track enriched with intonating lyrics about personal growth and trajectory.

Brown has already been compared to fellow Canadian Joni Mitchell in her motherland – high praise indeed and richly deserved. There is no disputing Colleen’s powerful, vibrant vocals which are glazed with vulnerability and are all the time complimented by the jangly blues-infused guitars of Raymond Richards and cardigan clad folk-rock icon Joel Plaskett.

Lead Me On has a beautiful Fleetwood Mac style synth throughout whilst Soap and Denim is the album’s faster-paced rock track.

The album track Direction takes us in a different…..erm, direction, and slows the pace dramatically, but really highlights Colleen’s credentials as a skilled musician and mature singer-songwriter. The album closes with the song I Asked In The Night – written, recorded and performed by Brown in one late-night attic session. It’s a sultry atmospheric track that flaunts Brown’s ability to produce something grittier.

These recordings are the farthest Brown has seen her talents stretch as a musician immersed in many of the bass, guitar, and keyboard elements and guided by her striking vocals.

Brown is currently touring the UK for most of June finishing up in Glasgow on the 26th.

Words Dan Williams