Write A Music Blog

If you made a new year resolution to start a music blog and you are already floundering, we are here to offer you the easy way out! Come and write for us instead. We have the music and the audience your passion deserves.

Here at Right Chord Music, we are committed to showcasing the best new and undiscovered music from around the World. To help us continue to achieve this aim we are looking to recruit new writers to the RCM team.

What can you write about?
  • The music we send you
  • The gigs you attend (If you live in London we’ll get you in for free – sometimes)
  • Your scene, your city, your sound or something else
  • The music you find on Musosoup (You can choose and get paid for your reviews)
There are only two rules:

1. We only write about unsigned and self released, artists – no signed artists, they have the backing of a label, we prefer to focus our energy on artists that don’t have this support.

2. We only deal in quality, nothing is published on RCM that looks or sounds unprofessional. If you wouldn’t share it on your Facebook or Instagram then why would we? Our mission is to prove, you don’t have to be signed to produce incredible music, so maintaining standards is everything to us.

Do I get paid?

You can, but don’t expect to make this a full time job. If you are looking for a little beer / wine money and the chance to discover some incredible new music step this way. If you review gigs, or the music we send you from our inbox you will be writing for free. But if you decide to register as a writer on Musosoup you can earn money for every offer that is accepted.

About Right Chord Music

Since our foundation, the RCM blog has reached music fans in over 185 different countries (Top 5: UK, US, Canada, Australia & Germany) and currently attracts over 4,000 views per calendar month. 

Commitment. what commitment

Your contributions can be as frequent, or infrequent as you want (although we’d naturally prefer the former!).

Every piece of  content we publish will be shared across Right Chord Music social channels, providing you with a ready-made opportunity to grow your portfolio. If you are interested follow this link to our contact page and get in touch today.