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The O.O. Debuts With ‘Sometimes, I See You Look’

The O. O. Sometimes I See You Look on Right Chord Music

The O.O.’s easy-listening acoustic indie pop.

The O.O. ‘Sometimes, I See You Look’

‘Sometimes I see you look, I see you look and smile at me’ – haven’t we all had these thoughts? Hovering somewhere between ‘Oh god do I have something in my teeth’ and ‘Oh wow they must like me’ lie the beginnings of love. And sometimes we can’t help but hope, even if it turns out they were waving to someone behind us. It’s this hope that The O.O. taps into, on their single. 

The O.O. is a singer-songwriter hailing from the Isle of Wight. This is their debut release, gearing up for many more throughout 2024, with an album in the works.

‘Sometimes, I See You Look’ is an easily enjoyable acoustic-driven indie pop song, with plenty of youthful energy.

The simple, first-crush lyrics balance giddiness – ‘I saw your pretty face, it made me freeze right in my space’ – with all the classic insecurities – ‘you don’t need me, no not today’. While it’s nothing new under the sun, there’s some fun to be had with lines like ‘now I’ve fallen for ya, I don’t know how to get back up’, and it’s all delivered with relaxed melodies and The O.O’s confident, appealingly youthful melodies. 

The production centres around bright indie guitars, along with energetic beats and bouncy basslines, keeping everything upbeat. There’s a clear influence from acts like The Kooks, The Libertines and The View, so any fans of these acts will find themselves in happy territory here. It’s a strong opener for a young artist who will hopefully carve out more of their own identity. 

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Words Eden Tredwell