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The Daydream Club – Saltwater (Remix)

The Daydream Club Saltwater

Pigeonhole The Daydream Club at your peril. If you associate the Leicester duo with folksy, girl/boy harmonies and acoustic guitar taps, it’s time to think again. Seriously, think again.

The Daydream Club Saltwater Remix

The duo have been remixing their own work for a while now, their last EP ‘Found’ was given a full-reworking. If you want beautiful folk-pop you listen to Found EP, if you want to wake up your day you play Found Remixed. Now the duo are at it again. They have taken possibly their most poignantly beautiful song so far ‘Saltwater’ (A love song between the duo, which features a real-life marriage proposal in the video – see below) and created something wholly different.

The Saltwater remix is a class act. Its near euphoric intro gives way to drums and synths before Paula’s vocals emerge like whispers on a coastal wind. Saltwater Remixed whips around your ears before landing a smacker on your lips. Play it, playlist it, share it, then go dance in the street. Oh yes!  This is what a remix should be about.