Sweet Randi Love And The Love Thang Band Say ‘Yes To Life’

Raised in a church with marked Gospel roots, Sweet Randi Love has made a career performing and learning from some of the greatest names in the scene. Her charming and extroverted stage presence goes hand to hand with her contagious grooves and motivating themes, so buckle up! Because this is going to be a fun ride!

Sweet Randi Love – ‘Yes To Life’

Randi’s thrilling musical voyage has taken her to perform and participate in projects with legends of high calibre, such as B.B King, James Brown, Rick James, and Ike Turner, among many more. With such a thick curriculum, it’s easy to see why her sound is so diverse.

Aside from her group The Love Thang Band, Randi has chosen to collaborate with some other great names for this track, including the rapper Jack Spade and none other than the illustrious Ike Turner Jr. This extraordinary combination of styles feels like a match made in heaven.

Yes To Life is everything you could ever dream of in a soul track and more, the uplifting spirit is sky high with this jam. Sweet Randi Love’s privileged voice steamrolls any negativity or sour moments you could have experienced throughout your day. On top of that, Jack Spade’s inclusion is a gratifying addition, his flow is composed of witty rhymes that bring even more euphoria to the overwhelming cheerfulness.

The title of this song is very self-explanatory, the meaning behind it talks about embracing everything that life puts in your way and keep moving forward, and as simple as that might sound, it’s a message that needs to be spread, especially during these times.

Yes To Life drips with positivity and good vibes, it’s quite a challenge to listen to this inspiring jam and stay still while doing it.

Sweet Randi Love and all her associates in this fantastical musical endeavour have orchestrated a blast of a groove. This is not only a spectacular song but also a celebration of life that could easily be the centrepiece of any block party. Music can be a great motivator, and this piece proves it.

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Words Javier Rodriguez