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Soft Wax Tug On The Synth Heartstrings With ‘Over Me’

Soft Wax - Over Me

Bedroom pop production duo Soft Wax tug on the synth heartstrings with their third release ‘Over Me’.

Soft Wax – Over Me

Describing something as ‘shed music’ undoubtedly invokes connotations of rough and ready, DIY, self-indulgent creativity. But Soft Wax, two brothers from Faversham in Kent – who built a studio in their shed during lockdown and therefore satisfy this label – produce a smooth, empathic, melodious wash of neo-soul played out in a synth landscape that stretches far beyond the limits of a common or garden shed.

With the aim in 2022 of piecing together their debut EP from their singles, the duo have released their third track of the year, the Jessie Ware-influenced ‘Over Me’. With its combination of wistful vocals and strong 80’s synth tones, the track perpetuates the style of their previous Valentine’s Day single ‘Nobody Wants You’, which was made BBC Introducing Record of The Week on release. The pervading sense of ‘Over Me’ is that of an upbeat pop tune, deliberately dialled down to a slow, lingering, immersive tempo. There are shades of Mylo’s ‘Destroy Rock and Roll’ colouring the soundscape and with its soulful sci-fi vocals streaks of ‘Discovery’ era Daft Punk.

“A smooth, empathic, melodious wash of neo-soul”

The duo describe the track as an ‘upbeat Bedroom pop anthem that spins a web of heartbreak, raw emotion and conflicting thoughts’.

Add to this a real sense of fragility created when at the heart (and soul) of the track the synths splinter into shards of fuzzed-up glistening sound and you have ‘shed music’ at its most emotive.

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Words Andrew Gutteridge