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Six Brilliant Marketing Tools For Independent Artists





Here is a round up of some of our favourite music marketing tools.

1. One Sheet:

There is a growing need for bands and artists to aggregate existing content. I mean how many more social networks and profiles can your continually update? This website is genius, it pulls in your existing content from your social networks to provide a simple, free, one page hub for bands. Think of it as your bands CV. The perfect URL to send to labels, managers, promoters, booking agents and the like.

2. Followerwonk:

This crazily named website is Twitter’s best friend. A typical Twitter search only allows you to search names, which is more than a little frustrating when you don’t know a name. Followerwonk allows you to search user profiles for key words. It’s a great tool for finding journalists and music industry contacts.

3. Klout:

Klout rates your influence on social media, and is rapidly becoming the standard measurement tool. It considers a number of factors including friends, number of messages, the amount of interaction or message Retweets. You can also get a clever browser plugin which adds a rating to all of your  followers in Twitter, so you can understand which of them have most influence. More importantly if gives you an objective way to decide whether to follow them back. A score over 50 is considered good.

4. Spreaker:

Allows you to make your own radio show or Podcast and share it with the Spreaker community & beyond. The ubiquitous iPhone app also helps generate an almost radio like audience for your shows.

5. Dragon Tape:

Share your musical influences with your friends and fans using this neat little website. Dragon Tape allows you to make digital mix tapes by simply dragging and dropping music and video from YouTube and SoundCloud.

6. Wise Stamp:

WiseStamp allows you to create functional email footers for webmail. Include icons to direct recipients to your social network pages, include a live Twitter feed, share your Skype name, or share your favourite music through Blip.FM or Pandora. The options are vast and growing all the time.


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