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Prada-G Tackles Self-Demoralization On New Single ‘Doomer’

Prada-G Doomer

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives, that feeling of impending doom, the sensation that we are walking towards uncertainty, is more common than you would think, and for Californian artist Prada-G, this particular theme is what mainly influenced his latest track called Doomer.

Prada-G – Doomer

Southern California-based Prada-G is a 26-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer on a mission to leave his mark on the music scene. His sound is an intriguing cocktail of different genres that evokes feelings of melancholy, containing Pop-Punk, Alternative Rock, and even some Post-Punk.

2021 saw his debut with the release of the well-received LP Nocturnal, which included collaborations with artists such as BRYOZA, ericdoa, and LiL Lotus. This work earned him a loyal fanbase and the attention of specialized media, who praised his eclectic sound and producing skills.

After this, Prada-G kept knocking it out of the park, delivering banger after banger all over 2022, harvesting streams and views, a tradition that he will continue with his newest offering, Doomer.

Doomer starts things off with a killer and exhilarating riff, accompanied by pulsating drums that will incite you to tap your feet to its infectious rhythm. All these elements create a fun dynamic with the poignantly driven lyrics, which tackle a theme that many will find solace in:

Doomer” is essentially a metaphor for how everyone feels internally at some point in their life. The title itself is derived from the actual term “Doomer” which means a pessimistic or fatalist individual. I wanted to shed light on a common theme of feeling lost but still moving forward without direction. Though I wouldn’t consider myself a “Doomer” I believe we all experience those feelings of self-demoralization and misunderstanding.” said Prada-G about the track.

“Doomer is a short yet effective melody with a good dose of creativity and originality.”

Prada-G has developed the formula to balance established musical patterns with enough freshness to craft a style that feels authentic. Expect to see and hear more from this Californian newcomer soon.

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Words Javier Rodriguez