As we prepare to plunge into winter darkness, former RCM Artist of the Year ‘Officer’ returns with ‘Tilt The Clox,’ a politically charged anthemic sucker-punch for our times. Are you ready for the clocks to change?

The Impact of Time Change

Did you know that time change has an impact on human behaviour? Research studies have proven the small act of winding back the clocks results in some big increases in…

  • Crime in particular (robbery, rape and murder)
  • Car accidents
  • Stock market losses
  • Workplace injury
  • Suicide 

And reduced test results scores. Who could imagine that time has such a profound impact on our lives?!

Much of this could be explained away as nothing more than a dip in human focus due to changing sleep patterns or light, but in the case of crime it suggests darker forces at work. Every year a section of society seeks to deliberately exploit the new found winter darkness for material gain at the expense of others. It’s clear that small changes have a big impact.

This Saturday night as we prepare to turn our clocks back one hour, we also have the ‘will we, won’t we’ Brexit uncertainty hanging over us. Never has the metaphor of ‘darkness’ loomed more apparent, and this year who knows what the real impact will be.

Officer ‘Tilt The Clox

Officer’s new single ‘Tilt The Clox’ draws on the October clock change ritual, to unleash a twisted, sprawling drama. “It’s about an amplified character running out of time, caught in denial of the consequences of their mistakes as they frantically run from pillar to post, tilting clocks in a desperate, but comical attempt to return to the innocence before disaster.” explains OFFICER, aka Dc Logan.

‘Tilt The Clox’ also draws on Logan’s own personal experiences, directing frontline services to London’s most excluded and vulnerable people. “Tilt The Clox spits on our spectacle of self-interested, short-termist, post-truth political class politics for entrapping individuals, communities and environments by cutting them off from real opportunities for hope, change, connection and growth.” continues Logan.

Cathartic Release

It’s clear ‘Tilt The Clox’ is a fierce, cathartic release and cry for justice for him; a song you could half imagine he first sang into his own fist emerging from the boardrooms of city council offices.

The song displays Logan’s powerful, almost Dylan-like, lyrical finesse, expertly combining dark, biting satire with transcendent hope and optimism. The track ends with an upwards melodic choral soar as he wails ‘Oh december / All the horrors / Are forgotten / And enveloped.’

As a listener you’re left wondering whether you should feel disgusted or hopefully optimistic but either way, Tilt The Clox leaves a lasting impression, it’s honest and authentic and in these times of Brexit uncertainty, that in itself is worth clinging on to. 

Officer ‘Night Tennis’

Tilt The Clox is lead single from Officer’s much anticipated sophomore album ‘Night Tennis’ set for release in February 2020. You can preorder the album via Apple Music here. ‘Night Tennis’ follows RCM favourite ‘Myriads’ which was released in 2015.

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