music blog writers wanted to join RCM

If you made a new year resolution to start a music blog and you are already floundering, we are here to offer you the easy way out! Come and write for the RCM music blog instead. Music Blog writers wanted! RCM is a top 10 ranked indie music blog. We have the music and the audience your passion deserves. It’s a great way to build your portfolio, discover some new music and earn some extra money.

Here at Right Chord Music, we are committed to showcasing incredible unsigned bands and independent artists from around the World. To help us continue to achieve this aim we are looking to recruit new writers to the RCM team.

Our music blog writers can contribute

  • Music reviews (singles, EPs, albums)
  • Music features – EG The best music I’ve heard this week
  • Artist interviews
  • Live music reviews

There are only three rules:

1. We only write about unsigned and self-released, artists – no signed artists, that have the backing of a label. We prefer to focus our energy on artists that don’t have this support.

2. We only deal in quality, nothing is published on RCM that looks or sounds unprofessional. If you wouldn’t share it on your Facebook or Instagram then why would we? Our mission is to prove, you don’t have to be signed to produce incredible music, so maintaining standards is everything to us.

3. We only write positive reviews. There is enough hatred in the world, so unless you love it, don’t write about it.

How it works as a music blog writer

All approved writers are given access to our central submissions database where you can find all of the music that is sent to us. From here you can choose what you want to write about and contact the artist directly.  When you have completed your review, send it to us to be published and shared.

Do I get paid as a music blog writer?

As a writer for RCM, you can choose to review free or paid submissions. If you choose paid you can charge £5 for every single review. You can choose to write individual reviews featuring one artist, or you might want to write features. EG The 5 best female artists I’ve discovered this week. In this case, you would earn £25 for one article.  Our writers keep 100% of the money you make, after all, your content helps grow the RCM Blog. Your name is tagged in every article you write so it’s easy to find and share your work.

About Right Chord Music

Since our foundation, the RCM blog has reached music fans in over 185 different countries (Top 5: UK, US, Canada, Australia & Germany) and currently attracts over 6,000 views per calendar month. 

Commitment, what commitment?

Your contributions can be as frequent, or infrequent as you want (although we’d naturally prefer the former!).

How we promote the music we share

We work hard to optimise Right Chord Music for SEO, which means we can often guarantee when someone searches your name our article will appear on the first page of Google search results. The content we publish is also shared across Right Chord Music and our partner social channels which include (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn). Our combined social reach extends to over 20,000 followers.

Apply to become a RCM blog writer

To apply to write for us, visit our submissions website and complete the application form at the bottom of the homepage. We’ll need to see previous examples of your writing, don’t worry if you don’t have any, we can arrange for you to write a test review.

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