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Me And My Drummer. Pentonville Road


Me and My Drummer return with their new album Love is a Fridge released via Sinnbus on February 12th 2016, the follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut album The Hawk, The Beak, The Prey.

With strong support for their debut and over 150 shows played all over Europe and the UK, it would have made sense to continue riding the feverous wave the duo had created as they made their first steps onto the scene. However, Charlotte Brandi and Matze Pröllochs stepped away from the spotlight to focus on themselves and the music, uncompromising and adamant to do things their way. The right way.

Free of pressure and expectations, they began to explore new boundaries. They tried and tested many producers before finally settling on Olaf Opal (The Notwist); in Olaf they had found the perfect partner to bring a new dimension to their sound. The result is Love Is a Fridge and it’s been well worth the wait.

Love is a Fridge is ten perfect tracks nothing short of an electropop masterpiece as Me And My Drummer traverse a wide and varied soundscape. From the electrifying “Gun” to the danceable “Easy On Me”, the first half of the album is bursting with shimmering synths that frolic over hypnotic beats with Charlotte’s voice carrying us away in some kind of wonderful dream.

On Love Is A Fridge, Brandi’s vocals are stronger than ever, enough to match the soulful electropop tones of Florence Welch or Jessie Ware. However, as the album enters its second ‘act’ there’s a change of pace on tracks like ‘Tie Me Bananas’ and ‘Blue Splinter View’ yet, no matter the pace, the album maintains its bold feel and flavour for experimentation. If you imagine Bat For Lashes meets La Roux you’re close but there’s something somewhat celestial about Me And My Drummer that sets them apart.

Love is a Fridge released via Sinnbus on February 12th 2016.