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Madam – Gone Before Morning

It’s been four years since Madam released their debut album ‘In Case Of Emergency’ on Reveal Records, In Case Of Emergency is a record that not so much grabs your attention but crawls inside your head and fills your mind, painting pictures and whispering tales of love and loss. It’s beauty is in the obvious care and attention that went into making it. This was a debut album that had clearly been planned for years.

So how do you follow up an album this good? The answer is to go away and devote just as much love and attention in order to create something even better. This time self-released and fan-funded, this is an album that combines delicacy and fragility with a sense of purpose, style and self confidence. It’s hard to fault.

Don’t expect a massive departure in sound, the album still relies heavily on space and a stripped back acoustic, low-fi approach to make it’s impact. The album begins with the line “Why did you leave” and the response “I had no choice” and it appears we are in familiar territory. However, as the album progresses it feels like the mood changes, welcomed in with the guitar fuzz of ‘Weekend Love’ and the almost taunting vocal of ‘Someone In Love’ “I was lying, like someone in love” it seems our female protagonist is no longer the push over she once was.

Oh did I mention ‘The Snake?’ It’s a stunning and cunning little story of betrayal that grips you to the end.

Listen then go buy ‘Gone Before Morning’  it’s a truly compelling listen.

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