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King Sheim Makes ‘Amends’

King Sheim Amends on Right Chord Music

Straight out of the vibrant music scene of Seattle, Washington, comes the dynamic pop-punk ensemble, King Sheim, with their latest single ‘Amends’.

King Sheim – Amends

Established by the talented Celeste Felshiem, King Sheim (pronounced “SHIME”) is a dynamic venture seamlessly blending the unbridled vigour of grunge with the defiant spirit of punk culminating in a versatile sound that draws your attention from the get-go.

Their sound is an instant attention-grabber, thanks to the talents of Celeste on lead vocals and guitar, Miranda Kitchpanich on bass and harmonies, Baylee Harper on drums, and Tristan White on lead guitar. Since their inception, King Sheim has dropped two EPs, an album, and a slew of releases that have garnered acclaim from outlets like A Grrrls Two Cents and The Daily UW.

As a prime showcase of King Sheim’s heartfelt songwriting, the latest track, Amends, draws inspiration from a challenging ordeal Celeste endured, ultimately finding solace through the support of friends and community. Though initially fueled by anger, Celeste discovered that the collaborative process of arranging the song with the band brought about a cathartic and unexpected healing experience, surpassing their prior expectations.

Commencing with a robust, foot-tapping bassline and Celeste’s melodic delivery, Amends swiftly progresses into a punky, frenzied piece, featuring galloping drum beats, distorted guitars, bold backing vocals, and an exhilarating vocal performance sure to quicken your pulse.

“Amends is a powerhouse of emotional intensity, delivering heartfelt sincerity in its lyrics and a chaotic performance that resonates with rebellious spirits everywhere.”

With its palpable grunge influence and introspective lyricism, the song serves as a window into King Sheim’s world, reminding us that art will always flourish and prevail even in the face of pain.

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