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Jack Dawkins Explores His Inner Thoughts On ‘Becoming’ 

Jack Dawkins Becoming

With his new single ‘Becoming’ multifaceted rapper Jack Dawkins creates detailed, imaginative aural worlds with witty metaphors and a formidable flow.

Jack Dawkins – Becoming

Jack Dawkins is a motivational speaker, rapper, and songwriter from Boulder, Colorado. After studying at Harvard, Jack worked at restaurants, an episode of his life which, according to him, framed his thinking and helped put himself in his listener’s shoes both emotionally and physically while listening to his music.

With such a curious mind, it’s easy to see how Jack draws his knack for creating and narrating. Since his debut, he has built a reputation as an avid storyteller. His love of hip-hop and creative use of the English language is apparent on his newest offering Becoming.

In collaboration with producer Senz, Jack has crafted a wonderful soundscape where his highly imaginative wordplay shines alongside his clever rhymes.

He brought the soundscape, and I crafted the lyrics to fit into this new world. The result feels less like a mashup or hybrid and more like a new genre. We’re just beginning to explore the union, but if this is where it starts, I can’t WAIT to see where it goes.” – said the artist regarding the creative process for this offering.

“Becoming is an out-of-the-box jam, deep and creatively rich.”

With this work, Jack Dawkins has shown a more reflective approach that feels intimate, and yet, its many remarkable lyrical passages evoke a sentiment of universality that many people will find enticing.

Becoming represents a renewed vision and a positive change of gears for this performer. It will be interesting to see where he goes from here.

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Words Javier Rodriguez