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Green Wire Bring Their ‘Cigarettes On The Dancefloor’

Green Wire Cigarettes On The Dancefloor

Green Wire brings us an electric new single, “Cigarettes on the Dancefloor”.

Green Wire – Cigarettes On The Dancefloor

Boasting a songwriting style that is relatable to listeners, Green Wire’s latest single tells a story about a point in life where parties are constant and choices can be either regretful or freeing. It brings a strong story in its lyrics, however, the song really comes to life with the personality of each individual member radiating through their playing.

This song is filled with catchy guitar hooks performed by Jack Massey that provide a supporting melody for the vocals to sing over. ‘Cigarettes On The Dancefloor’ has a tasteful balance of high energy choruses and verses that maintain the driving energy while at a lower level, giving listeners a balance and not overwhelming them. Simoni Stirzaker has a unique approach to songwriting that mirrors his influences, such as the Arctic Monkeys, while still placing his own unique movements inside Green Wire’s songs.

Green Wire says this about their music, “Often compared to the classic sound that shaped indie rock, we create sparkly, bouncy guitar music that any indie or alternative music fan will love”. And I could not agree more, Green Wire has successfully created a song that fans will love and will encourage new and old fans to dance and sing along.

Formed in the spring of 2021, Manchester four-piece Green Wire has already accumulated a number of successful releases, played on a string of sold-out shows, and headlined their first gig. The release of “Cigarettes on the Dancefloor” signals the soon to be released debut EP “How’s Your Head This Morning?” from Green Wire.

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Words Devin Renee