This week’s First Signs of Love is Nighttime Hunger by New York duo Overcoats.

I recently found myself wide awake at 4am who knows why, maybe a noise from the street, or maybe just my over active mind. Doing exactly what you shouldn’t I fired up my iPhone, the screen illuminating the room and dazzling my sore eyes. I proceeded to listen to the music in the Right Chord Music inbox and quickly settled on this track by new Right Chord Music favourites Overcoats. Let’s be clear, Nighttime Hunger by Overcoats is not a song that will aid sleep. After one listen it had lit every emotional synapse in my brain, I’d never felt more awake.

Despite it’s introspective lyrics about emotional hunger and emptiness, it’s the hypnotic chorus ‘When The Darkness Comes’ the sublime vocal harmonies, and the clinking bottle top style electronica that stick in your head. The length of the track provides an additional hook, at just under 3 minutes, it’s hard not to hit repeat and play again and again.

Overcoats are New York-based female duo Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell. Their trademark melting harmonies, gloriously combine with electronic backdrops to create, sparse and intimate moments of soaring beauty.

If you are new to their music, take time to check out their self-titled debut EP, this feature could have been created for their music. You’ll be smitten by its fresh, yet classic beauty.

More than just a band, Overcoats is a friendship, an artistic duo whose songwriting is musical empathy that verges on telepathy. The two have a clear vision of the sound they want to make together – they operate under one creative impulse. Their name comes from the strength they find in making music together. Like an overcoat, Hana and JJ’s music is as much about the armour they create for themselves through their art as it is about the vulnerability beneath.

If you missed our introduction to them check out Episode 168 of our Lost On Radio Podcast to hear how we discovered them in the most unlikely of surroundings on a dark snowy night in Brooklyn. Listen out for Nighttime Hunger on this week’s episode (171) of the show.

Finally if you are heading to SXSW make sure you mark Overcoats on your schedule, the live show blew our tiny minds. This is a duo that is going to the top, so brag to your friends that you were onboard from the very start.