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Contacting RCM How to submit music to the Right Chord Music Blog

Want to contact RCM, click here to submit your music to our central submissions hub.

We look forward to supporting you across the Right Chord Music Group. Please note any submissions sent via direct email, or social media won’t be seen by our team of writers.

Getting your music on RCM has never been easier

We’ve ditched our email inbox in favour of a central submissions hub and online database. Submit your music and we’ll be considered for all our opportunities. You can also choose to receive information about our other services and opportunities. This approach allows us to invite a growing team of writers to login in to review your music.

We champion unsigned bands and independent artists

Since starting RCM in 2010 we’ve been on a mission to champion incredible new, undiscovered and under-appreciated music. We shine our spotlight on the unsigned and independent artists that are frequently overlooked by mainstream music media or get pushed to the late-night fringes of radio. We’ve always believed you don’t need a record label to make great music but in order to convince the world to be braver in their choices, we only deal with quality. So unless you sound great and look great, you are unlikely to be featured on RCM.

Looking for further music marketing help & support?

Our sister site Major Labl helps independent artists promote their music more effectively. They offer training and consultancy services. Get started by watching their free webinar.