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Band of The Week. Soft Corporate

Good Things Will Happen is the debut EP from Melbourne indie four piece Soft Corporate. 

The band were finalist in the highly respected Triple J Unearthed High, under their previous name of When We Where Small.  With a new name and a new EP, the band are ready to launch themselves onto the musical landscape.  Influences are wide ranging, from Death Cab for Cutie and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, to the likes of Band of Horses and The Shins.

The EP is perfectly bookended, opening with the track ‘Comets’, in keeping with the theme of the EP cover, and sounding a little like Sigur Ros in their quieter moments.  The instrumental is a great introduction to the Soft Corporate sound, anthemic, intricate, and full of beautiful melodies.  The final track ‘Boats’ is a standout, and encapsulates what is great about this band.  Melodic guitar, syncopated drums, the song slowly building around singer Troy Sheehan’s vocals, before hitting a big crescendo to end the song.

‘Wait, Stay’  showcases Sheehan’s understated vocal delivery, a perfect fit for the bands melodic indie-pop.  ‘Downward Sea’ is largely based around the piano melody and a great drum groove, with a catchy vocal hook in the chorus.  ‘Slipped’ is more low-key, repetitive but in a good way, sounding like a slightly less electro pop version of Phoenix.

Good Things Will Happen is an impressive debut, and shows maturity of songwriting and  consistency of sound.  Whilst their influences can be heard, they have used these inputs to create their own unique sound.  The production is high quality, warm but precise, and the strings really add to the overall texture, providing the lift when needed for the EP’s bigger moments.

Soft Corporate will launch Good Things Will Happen on the 6th of August at the Toff In Town in Melbourne.  It can be purchased now on iTunes or streamed on Spotify.  Definitely one to place on the ‘one to watch’ list.

Nicholas Cheek