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Band of The Week – The Soft Spots

SoftSpotsThe Soft Spots.  When reading the bio and visiting their Bandcamp you are captivated by the colours, sounds and words they use to describe themselves.  You imagine a huge electronic mix of ukes and synths and a wonderful blend of old and new styles.  You share in their huge love of the sea and sailing and all things nautical. Their EP title ‘Gently Down The Stream’ perfectly describes the trip you are about to go on with them.   The EP starts, and as everything is caked in reverb you feel the floatiness and a soft almost feminine vocal lulling you along gently down the stream.  It is always a gentle stream all through this EP  You are not troubled by huge waves, big lifts or an angry sea.  It is gentle, and at times lifts to almost epic standards but you are always safe in The Soft Spots boat.

This being their maiden voyage you can feel their optimism, hope and pride they put into the music.  It is young and full of dreams of the sea. There is a pureness to it – untouched by years of industry neglect and hardships.  It is an EP full of heart and hope and as it sails on we are sure it will pick up many admirers and followers along the way.  The great thing about art and especially music is that you can make and say absolutely anything you want.  The Soft Spots have given us a musical and visual trip in a floaty boat journey filled with their dreams of the sea and it was a pleasure to take that ride with them.

Image of The Soft Spots by Ian M Berg

Winston Freeman