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Band Of The Week. The Plea

It would seem that the expression “if at first you don’t succeed…” seems rather suited to The Plea and I don’t know about you, but I believe that hard work pays off and it clearly has in the case of these Irish lads.

After years spent of chasing the dream by relocating to London, they then moved to Boston, where they worked as labourers by day and played the city’s bustling Irish pubs by night. They spent a year in Minnesota after an American major label funded an album recorded in a big budget studio, but it never came out. So in 2009 disillusioned, but far from defeated Denny and Dermot return to Ireland and the brothers Doherty soon set about recruiting childhood friend Paul Toland on bass and nicked drummer Gerry Strawbridge from another local band, setting about to make music with as much ambition and as little fuss as possible.

After these setbacks we’re delighted that The Plea are finally releasing their debut single Oh Ah Yay (23rd of April) and debut album The Dreamers Stadium (May).


With evident skill and passion, their music is energetic and unconventional.  Oh Ah Yay is a true feel good anthem, with a catchy rhythm baring slight resemblances to The Verve or U2. Their album is just as gutsy, smattered in determination and wilfulness, their dedication and effort pours out with every song.

Having overcome the odds The Plea are our deserved our band of the week, and if you like what you hear stay tuned for an interview with them coming soon.

Ellie Witt.