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Artist of The Week. J. Alan Schneider

J Alan Schneider

Introducing our artist of the week. J. Alan Schneider. The New York-based artist has just released his debut EP Lo & Behold and it deserves your ears. After years playing in indie, and pop rock acts Lo & Behold signals his arrival as a solo indie folk recording artist.

The debut 7 track collection was self-produced, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered with the help of his girlfriend Julie. This living room recorded EP rewards listeners with an immediate sense of intimacy, this is music at its most honest.

Lead single Behold is inspired by a friend who just can’t settle. The verses explore the loneliness that comes with independence.

The EP contains a mixture of songs written and collected in the last few years alongside brand new tracks. J. Alan Schneider describes ‘Benchmarks’ (Track 6) as one the of the most personally special.  The lyrics were originally written on a bench in New York City as the sun came up. They are inspired by the large number of people that had left their mark via carvings on the bench. This led to an observation about the amazing people in his life and how he doesn’t thank them enough for the marks they have left on him. It’s a beautiful metaphor that everyone should relate to.

Listen out for track 5 Arkansas on this week’s episode of our Lost On Radio Podcast and follow J. Alan Schneider on Facebook to keep updated with live tour plans.

Lo & Behold is out now and available on iTunes and Spotify.