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Artist of The Week. MALKA


We recently had the pleasure of attending SOFAR Sounds in London where we were introduced to MALKA. We were immediately struck by the artistry that flows through Tamara Schlesinger, from the hand painted album cover, to the unique taste in head-gear.

MALKA – Marching to Another Beat

MALKA bursts with a fresh uniqueness that is immediate and bewitching. Tamara has previously enjoyed success both as a soloist and as the frontwoman of the acclaimed ‘6 Day Riot’ Her music has been featured on TV shows and films including SKINS and Scream 4).

Now as new incarnation MALKA, (Hebrew for Queen) she released a new album ‘Marching To Another Beat’ on June 1st via her own label ‘Tantrum Records’ following a successful Pledge Music campaign. The MALKA moniker allows Tamara complete freedom to apply her own ideas and production techniques, she also plays of all the instruments herself, make no mistake this is a labour of love in every respect.

The song-led ‘electro-alt-pop’ of MALKA, is a step away from her earlier – more guitar and acoustic based works, offering an expansive, ‘deep pop’ sound. Songwriting and electro-rhythmical drum beats characterise the dark fuzzy corners of this digitally crafted album. It’s distinctive and playful, the album is imbued with her steadfast originality that’s earned Tamara enduring success in the music industry.

Previously finding inspiration from social commentary, politics and literature, ‘Marching to Another Beat’ is an intimate projection of MALKA’s current outlook; “This album is really an honest account of where I am right now, a crossroads where playful and youthful exuberance meets with some maturity and a sense of exploring my place in life”. 

With its carefree chants and goading bass lick, the immensely uplifting single ‘I Never Needed Love’ is a euphoric menagerie of tribal rhythms, soul claps, and heavy layering.  ‘Into the Night’ gives centre stage to an epicurean chorus and verses laced with lyrics of insomnia and night terrors, underpinned with a driven bassline to provide an eminently danceable, rich pop groove. ‘Let it Go’ shows MALKA’s lively side with a coltish arrangement, buzzing synths and Acappella breakdowns, it’s Tamara at her most engaging and infectious. ‘Jumpin’ the Line’, with its clicks, clinks and claps gives another showcase of precise sumptuous layering, and just like the entire album, is an enthralling listen.  Listen out for ‘Wrap It Up’ on this week’s episode of our Lost On Radio podcast.