Do you want your music featured on the RCM music blog? Visit our new central submissions hub which allows us to hear more, write more and get your music heard more, across the Right Chord Music Group.

Discovering Music

Back in 2010 when we started the RCM blog, we used to go hunting for new music to review, sometimes it was hard to find anyone to write about. But that quickly changed, our blog traffic grew and so did the volume of submissions. After 10 years of hard graft and early mornings our inbox is full.

The Discovery Paradox

Discovering new music is now so easy it’s become a challenge. The more emails we receive, the less we can read, listen and feature on the RCM Blog. Something had to change, so we’ve come up with a new approach.

Right Chord Music Group Submissions

Back in 2010 we were just the RCM new music blog, but today the Right Chord Music Group spans… management and marketing promotion (Major Labl), Podcast and playlists (Lost On Radio), influencer marketing (Squall), an online festival and conference (The Takeover) and our latest venture ‘I Just Called’ which promises to connect fans to their musical heroes, while showcasing new talent.

Email Is Dead

Today we’re ditching our email inbox in favour of a central submissions hub and online database. Submit your music and we’ll be considered for all our opportunities. You can also choose to receive information about our other services.

Our Remit Remains Unchanged

RCM will only ever feature music we love, our reputation depends on it. Since day one we’ve championed incredible unsigned and independent artists that have been overlooked by mainstream media.

The Shift to Free & Paid Reviews

RCM will continue to offer free reviews, but there is only so much one person (me, Mark the founder) can do each day.

To increase your opportunities for support, we’re making a change. From today we are moving submissions from our inbox to a central online database.

This allows us to invite freelance music writers to access our database to discover and review your music. All paid reviews will be charged at just £5 and 100% of the money goes direct to the writers. If one of our writers is interested in featuring your music, they will email you directly and arrange payment via PayPal.

When you submit your music you can choose between ‘Free’ and ‘Paid’ coverage. Every submission that chooses ‘Paid’ will still be considered for ‘Free’ but now if RCM founder Mark can’t review you, you get a second chance to be put in front of a wider pool of freelance writers. You only pay for guaranteed promo, there are no upfront payments.

Increased Capacity

This new approach greatly increases our capacity to listen, review and champion more new music across the RCM Blog. When music is featured on RCM, it is optimised for SEO and Google, which means when fans search they find your music. Every blog post is also shared across our social media channels.

Become a RCM Blog Writer

Love new music? Want to earn extra money writing about incredible new music? Get in touch by clicking the ‘write for us’ link here. This is a flexible role, write as much as you choose.

Submit Your Music Today

Click here to submit your music to our new central submissions hub. We look forward to supporting you across the Right Chord Music Group. Please note any submissions sent via direct email, will now be ignored and won’t be seen by our writers.