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We are building a package of discounts and benefits to support every new, independent and unsigned band or artist that visits Right Chord Music. Right Chord Music was set up to provide a voice and a promotional platform for the music we love. The kind of music which so often falls under the radar of


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We’ve joined forces with our friends at Hit Songs Deconstructed to offer you 10% off their Pro Subscription package. (Normally $9.99pm for 12 months). Just click here and enter offer code rcmhsd to get started. Hit Songs Deconstructed is a must read for all music professionals. Learn how today’s hit songwriters craft their songs from the inside-out through their Hit Song Deconstructed reports.

Rihanna We Found Love.

RCM Interview. Hit Songs Deconstructed Founder & Editor-In-Chief David Penn

As the name suggest Hit Songs Deconstructed is a website dedicated to analysing the structure and composition of hit songs. The insight from this analysis is used to help mentor new song-writing talent. Mark caught up with Founder and Editor-In-Chief David Penn to find out more. From all of your research what is the most common