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Rude_NHS – Mode Kinetica


RUDE_NHS is a solo electronic artist fusing together jazz, funk and post rock into visionary digital sound-scapes. New single “Mode Kinetica”, which is available for free download on 6/4/15 is an introduction to the Mode I album due for official download release on the 13/4/5 on UK independent Sotones records.

An electronic maverick with an experimental approach to music, rude_NHS does it all, from playing various instruments, recording, production,live shows which incorporate his own visuals, looping and sampling with custom designed software. The Mode Kinetica video for the Mode I album preview uses visuals which were inspired by a dream, thus creating a 1970s Space Cop show theme where colours ricochet and explode in and out of galaxies.

The Mode I album can be described as an electric era Miles Davis combined with 70s funk and with an overall avant garde sound design. A lover of working with technology old and new he uses this to push boundaries in both his composition and production. Whilst adopting a futurist approach to complex sound design and an anti-style poke at arrangements, there are always strong melodic, rhythmic and harmonic elements in the music to grab onto, making it a truly cerebral listen.