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Ed Reed is originally from Horsham in West Sussex, however since 2001 he has called Australia home.  Whilst truly settled in his adopted home country, the English origins are evident in his musical influences, The Beatles, Paul Weller, and sounds of 90’s Britpop.

His new single ‘Hearts’ was inspired by his son who, at only 8 weeks old, underwent emergency heart surgery.  Fortunately, young Jimmy is now a happy and healthy toddler, however the stress and anxiety of the time has clearly left a lasting impression.  Recorded mid-way through 2015 with producer Greg O’Shea (Michael Hutchence, Tegan & Sarah, Fiest), the track is Reed’s finest work to date.

The 90’s Britpop influence is obvious here, with a hint of the alt-country sound so prevalent in Reed’s adopted home city of Melbourne.  Despite the sadness of the subject matter, the song remains upbeat, and draws the listener in with some beautiful minor chord melodies.  The slight flat vocal delivery works well in harmony, and the guitar really drives the crescendo from the mid-point breakdown to the end.

Ed Reed will be launching ‘Hearts’ as part of a double A Side on the January 15th in Melbourne at Grace Darling.  The song is available on iTunes and Bandcamp, and is certainly worth the small investment.

Nicholas Cheek