Seamus Maynard Lights Up On ‘Candle For The Dark’

Discover Seamus Maynard’s driving folk-country song of hope ‘Candle For The Dark’.

Seamus Maynard – ‘Candle For The Dark’

‘Headed out on the promise of a dream…’ opens ‘Candle For The Dark’ by Seamus Maynard. This start evokes classic Americana images of the open road, the dusty traveller, the lone cowboy, etc. It could veer on the cliched, but the sincerity and simplicity of the execution keep this track heartwarming. 

Seamus Maynard is a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and producer with links in both the US and UK. Also an actor, he has found himself teaching and performing around the world, authoring books and leading workshops.

‘Candle For The Dark’ is a warm yet understated folk-country track dedicated to endurance, and never giving up hope.

The evocative lyrics describe turmoil and uncertainty – a trouble ‘hounding at your heels’ and places ‘ringing hollow with pipe dreams’ – but maintain their optimism, their belief in ‘one more time, one more try’. The titular chorus sums it up simply, ‘gonna get a candle for the dark, find my way’. This is combined with natural, simple melodies and Maynard’s compelling, beautifully toned lead vocals. 

The production centres around the guitar, a chugging, country-influenced turn that anchors the track and shows off Maynard’s expertise with the instrument, and his influences from many forms of guitar-led music.. With light bass, mandolin and percussion, the track keeps things fairly simple, letting the guitar and the soaring vocal harmonies (featuring an excellent female vocalist) shine through. This is a track that goes down easy, and one that any fans of folk, country or Americana are sure to enjoy. 

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Eden Tredwell