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Elaine Ryan’s feelgood summer soul ‘I Love You Just Like This’

Love has always provided the bulk of inspiration for songwriters. In more recent years, it feels like the trends have focused on the darker side of love – toxic relationships, dark sexuality, devastating breakups. It can be easy to forget that sometimes love can just be…well, lovely.

Elaine Ryan ‘I Love You Just Like This’

Luckily, Elaine Ryan is here to remind us of the good times with ‘I Love You Just Like This.’ Irish-Canadian singer/songwriter Elaine Ryan has been grinding hard. Writing for other projects as well as her own, she has multiple releases under her belt, and tours internationally when she’s not based in San Francisco.

‘I Love You Just Like This’ is a smooth ode to love and reassurance, with a huge funk-soul influence.

Ryan’s vocals are sweet, creamy and never overdone, her fluttering tones bringing to mind classic singers such as Minnie Riperton. Her lyrics are simple and heartfelt – “I love you just like this, don’t change a thing’ – but saved from banality by the music. And man is that title hook catchy.

With sassy finger snaps, funk-driven bass and guitar, and swooping synths, the track goes down like a smooth vintage. It’s perfect for all of the chill summer nights we’re crossing our fingers we’ll have soon. And it’s clear Ryan has a savvy commercial eye, with one song already confirmed for an advert, this one could easily follow suit. It’s just a totally delightful, irresistible track, and definitely put Elaine Ryan on my list of ones to watch.

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Words Eden Tredwell