Iraina Mancini

Iraina Mancini – Undercover

Iraina Mancini has been writing her own songs and gigging from a young age, fronting bands such as electro pop band ‘Mancini’ and then...
The Photons

The Photons – EP

The debut EP from Glasgow based outfit The Photons is an ear catching indie rock gem which casts you forward to an unknown festival...

The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara – Atoms

The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara’s latest track, Atoms, steers the listener through space and time, beginning with Earth’s creation, and ending with its...
Campbell Sibthorpe

Campbell Sibthorpe – Ytown

Ytown is the long-awaited EP from London-based folk singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Campbell Sibthorpe. It's a delightful soundtrack to the nostalgia of suburban life. About Campbell...
Me, Charles

Me, Charles – Summer of Hate ’18

‘Summer of Hate ’18 is the very special single from South London jazz producer ‘Me, Charles’. They’re hitting the ground running in an already...
Oxylers Pave The Way

Oxlyers – Pave the Way

In Oxlyers’ Pave the Way, the buoyancy of all the summer months is condensed down into one vivacious, feel-good track. This is the type...
T8PES Comin' Alive

T8PES – Comin’ Alive

T8PES returns with 'Comin' Alive' and gives summer 2020 the shot in the arm it so needed. Coming Alive Comin’ Alive feels like the official start...
Yescene Lost & Found

Yescene – Lost and Found Feat. Noé Solange

Lost and Found, Yescene’s newest EP, is fun and vibrant, whilst simultaneously hypnotic. Lost and Found The tracks on Lost and Found create both a sense...
Mike Beech

Mike Beech – Queen of Hearts

Singer-songwriter, Mike Beech releases Queen of Hearts, the first song he ever wrote. The song explores the fine line between friendship and something more. Queen...

Minas – Drinker

Minas is the musical endeavour of Athens born and Cardiff bred James Minas. Drinker is his third single release of 2020. Introducing Minas Minas blends classically...
Beth Keeping Cool Kids

Beth Keeping – Cool Kids

Beth Keeping’s latest single “Cool Kids” is a self-empowering anthem for anyone who has experienced bullying. Inspired by the news that a boy who...
pulse park

Pulse Park – Apollonian Heart

Canadian noise-pop quartet Pulse Park’s latest track “Apollonian Heart,” is a slice of 90s indie rock heaven that blends expansive, guitar-led sonics with distinct...