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Born Out Of A Country House. Blackchords – The Writing Retreat


“So a few weeks ago we left the cold grey city to delve into the cold green country for four days focused on writing music. We set up in a small house, with the music gear in a bedroom smaller than most Melbourne sharehouse bedrooms, and what flowed out far exceeded our preconceptions and expectations.

Waking up to chickens and horses at our doorstep was a good way to greet the creative process each morning, and after a full days playing and a hearty dinner at sundown, the creative process led to consuming copious amounts of Aldi $5 bottles of wine and double scotches.. coming full circle with us returning to the musicroom in the small hours for drunken/stoned jams.

What came out of those 4 days is a new direction in approaching songs for the band.. and a sound I believe we have been in search of for a while. There are still creases to iron out as the songs are so new, but the coming months will reveal some pretty amazing musical moments for us as we set these ideas into concrete.” Nick Milwright – Blackchords

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