Band of The Week. Frontier Ruckus

In the most modern way, Michigan-based indie band Frontier Ruckus, are firmly gripping to 90’s nostalgia. Their songs are poems; stories of adult relationships and playful youth, all with classic folk roots. Six years after the release of their debut, Frontier Ruckus are spending two months on the road, promoting their new album ‘Sitcom Afterlife.’

Band of The Week. Accents

Residing in New York State capital Albany, is a trio making highly profound indie-folk music. Originally a two-piece internet project, Accents soon gained three extra musicians and came out from behind their computer screens. Since the release of their second album, the band transformed into a three-piece. The complex journey to finding themselves has helped

Band of The Week. This Is Radio Silence

Industrial rock collective This is Radio Silence, certainly know the power of irony. Showcasing trance-infused keys and heavy guitar ensembles, volume never seemed so necessary.  During their ten-year career, the London-based five-piece have released as many records, proving their sound is as progressive as it is unwavering. The Crux & Remixes (double EP) by This

Episode 100 – Lost On Radio

  Lost On Radio is a weekly showcase of incredible new, undiscovered, and under appreciated music from around the world. The show is curated and presented by Mark Knight, the founder of Right Chord Music. Lost On Radio aims to showcase incredible artists that have been overlooked by radio, or pushed to the late night

Artist of The Week. Luke Tuchscherer

Upon hearing the music of Luke Tuchscherer, you might imagine a banjo-strapped gentleman in an American blues bar. When you realise he is a young Englishman from Bedford, he becomes even more intriguing. As one third of British rock band, The Whybirds, Tuchscherer’s first solo project is a platform to express an entirely different side

Band Of The Week. Wasuremono

Bradford-on-Avon based dream-pop trio Wasuremono, was originally a solo project by now lead-singer, William Southward. After Southward’s friends, Isaac Phillips and Madelaine Ryan, helped him record, the bands formation seemed effortless. In only their first year together, Wasuremono seem in complete control of their sound. Wasuremono’s second EP ‘A soundtrack to the Sea’ features four

First Signs Of Love No 92. Tiki Black – Powder Masks

Sometimes pieces of music have deep or profound affects on people. Sometimes songs have little or no affect at all. Singer-songwriter Tiki Black’s music always has an affect. Whether it be to deeply move, or to create a sense of quiet contemplation, Black’s beautiful piano-based music is world’s away from ordinary. Half-French, half-Cameroonian, Tiki Black

Artist Of The Week – Jess Morgan

Singer-songwriter Jess Morgan is playing a crucial part in the Roots Revival movement. As a modern young musician, she is bringing back tradition folk music and making it her own. Her music features organic acoustic guitars, harmonicas and themes of religion, love and family values at the core of her lyrics. After wining funding from