Getting Your Music Heard

We’ve created an audio guide to help you promote your music in a more effective way. This guide is now available to download in three parts. Thanks to our Lost On Radio show we guarantee radio play in 5 countries with every full guide purchase.

Part One.

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding the challenge your face
  3. The importance of brand for your band
  4. Auditing and critically reviewing your existing brand & on-line identity
  5. Defining your new brand identity and positioning

Part Two.

  1. Recording demos & final tracks
  2. Think like a business
  3. Plan your release strategy
  4. Writing a biography
  5. Identifying assets
  6. Setting Objectives
  7. Products & prices
  8. Establish your online architecture

Part Three.

  1. The importance of distribution
  2. Understanding your audience
  3. What’s the story
  4. Promotional routes
  5. Fundamental promotion
  6. DIY promotion
  7. Professional promotion
  8. How else can Right Chord Music help you?

Listen and download all three parts of the guide here