Each week we highlight interesting & insightful articles from around the web, to help unsigned and independent artists promote themselves in a more effective way.  We also write our own articles to inform and inspire your music marketing efforts.

Right Chord Music Articles:

The Music Marketing Manifesto

What Bands Can Learn From Brands About Customer Relationship Management

Audio Book: The Complete Guide To Music Marketing Pt. 1

Where Is Everyone. Why Making Albums Make Little Sense For New Artists

Twitter Without The Tweet

Sell Your Music Keep 100% of The Royalties

When Two Become One – The Power Of Artist Collaboration

Nobody ‘Likes’ To Play

First Impressions Count. The importance of brand for your band

Why giving your music away for free could be the wrong decision

Get your FREE copy of the RCM A-Z Guide To Music Marketing

From Database to Fanbase A Smarter Way To Use Mailing Lists

Fans Are Like Friends – So How Do You Keep Your Friends?

Six Brilliant Marketing Tools For Independent Artists

Twitter: A Guide For Bands & Independent Artists

Facebook: The Guide For Bands & Independent Artists

Articles From Around The Web

Eight Ways To Compose Music More Effectively

Beck’s highly creative game changing new concept album. 

Facebook adds new post targeting options

Is the album dead? Choosing a release strategy

Turning up fan engagement on Facebook

Creating Milestones On Facebook

7 Great Tools To Make Twitter More Effective

Social book-marking. A beginners guide to Reddit

A great database of label and music management contacts

Tips to improve Facebook engagement

It’s the message not the medium that matters

Understanding copyright

Just who is using Facebook in 2012

The tools you need to go viral

How do people really look at your online profiles?

Don’t give yourself away, why intrigue and mystery is important

What can you learn from how major labels promote artists?

Create a FREE Facebook flash landing page to attract new fans

Tips to write a better bio

The reasons fan buy merchandise

The inside track on music licensing

What independent artists really make from on-line sales 

The DIY band t-shirt

What are labels looking for?

Search engine optimise your YouTube videos

How to add annotations to YouTube videos

Share your influences, make a YouTube mix tape!

20 pictorial post ideas for your blog

How much social media is too much?

A simple way to get your music up on Spotify (one free upload)

Using beat markers to make music videos in iMovie

How to use YouTube effectively

Target the friends of your Facebook Friends

Increasing the impact of Twitter #FF

What to include in the perfect gig pitch email

Create a simple online hub for your band with OneSheet

Are you building a band or a business?

Off to the recording studio? Here’s a planning checklist

How to create a Wikipedia page for your band

Getting your posts read on Facebook

Are you really ready for a booking agent?

Add your social media profiles into your email footer

Sell the story, Not The CD

When & how to offer your music for FREE

Creating album pre-orders on BandCamp

Gain 20,000 new fans, ten at a time


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