Right Chord Music currently manages The Daydream Club, and provides ad-hoc support to numerous other independent and unsigned artists including Blackchords who we continue to champion.

If you are interested in The Daydream Club, please visit our contact page. We welcome messages from labels, publishers, promoters, journalists, music fans or indeed anybody who enjoys the music.

PAYG Management.

If you are starting out in music, you probably don’t have a manager, but probably do have lots of questions. So who do you call to get the answers?

Why not call me. I am Mark Knight, the founder of Right Chord Music. I have over 7 years experience as an artist manager, and over 12 years experience working as a music marketing consultant. I contribute to Music Think Tank, The Unsigned Guide, I’ve spoken at MIDEM and run music marketing artist workshops for Shape Arts.

Think of it as ‘pay as you go’ artist management, where you only pay when you need advice. Book an appointment at our Skype music marketing surgery and get your questions answered.

We offer two services.

1. Basic:  £15 for 30mins. Ideal if you have a specific question or challenge you want help with, or if you just want to talk things through.

2. Advanced: – £45 for 1.5 Hours. We’ll guide you through a complete marketing release plan. Everything you need to know to promote your music in the most effective way. Designed for new artists, who rely on a DIY approach in the absence of a large marketing budget or record label support.

Book a session with me now using PayPal. Then complete our contact form choosing ‘PAYG management’

Artist Testimonials:

“Mark’s media-savvy and highly contemporary approach to all aspects of promoting an artist come across loud and clear after only a brief amount of time in his company. His awareness of the nature of the modern industry and of the appropriate and effective marketing strategies are sophisticated and concise. More impressive and important however, is his obvious passion for and commitment to quality new music and it’s promotion. I can highly recommend working with him.” [Jack Omer]

“It is great to get a successful pro’s opinion on what you are currently doing right, and where you can improve. It feels good to feel like the actions we have taken are working towards a plan which has worked in the past.” [Nick Majer: Lazyflux]

Mark’s knowledge of the industry, and more importantly the ins and outs of the online world, social media, and effective marketing, is invaluable to artists in the current climate.  Most important, however, is his passion for and commitment to music, that is the factor that makes all the difference. We look forward to working with him long into the future. [Nick Cheek Blackchords]

“Mark’s experience and knowledge of marketing combined with his involvement in the music industry has proven to be invaluable. He constantly presents innovative ideas, taking into account current social and technological trends. We highly recommend working with him” [The Daydream Club]



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